"andiamo!" is....

More than a luxury travel series, it is an experience that takes you on a global journey in search of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation.

As Donna often describes the series, "Every episode is a destination love letter" - and this is very true since "andiamo!" is produced in a very organic, firsthand perspective - from Donna's voice. To further the series' authenticity mandate, we do not employ a writing staff to emote for Donna - she is a real travel expert and must speak genuinely.

Vacations are about getting away from the "norms" of life - and this can be defined in many ways: Resting and rejuvenating at your own pace, trying unfamiliar cuisines in a faraway place, stepping out of your comfort zone and plunging into a world of adventure - or perhaps it's a combination of all of those things - or maybe it's just about finding that perfect resort where you spend everyday by the pool. However you spend your vacation, we want you to experience the very best, get the most value for your well-earned vacation dollar and above all, travel well.

Life is a Journey! Get Out and See the World!

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This Week's Episode

Walt Disney World Resort

Donna enjoys the fun, luxury and adventure of the Walt Disney World Resort. While there, she will explore the vast
variety of Walt Disney World's Resort Collection including the Cinderella Castle suite, ride shotgun
in a real race car as well as play volleyball with Goofy!!!

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